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Plymouth Area Cemetery Indexes

The oldest cemetery included in this index is the Shearer Cemetery, 45452 North Territorial Road, Plymouth, Michigan, established by John Tibbits in 1826. No active burials are being done and many of the remains have been removed to Riverside Cemetery. Plymouth area high school students were instrumental in clearing the weeds and underbrush from this cemetery and helped restore this historic area.

The Old Baptist Cemetery, established in 1845, also known as Plymouth Village Cemetery, North Village Cemetery, Old York Street Cemetery, or North Plymouth Cemetery, is located at York and Pearl Streets in Plymouth, Michigan. This is no longer an active cemetery, but is maintained by the City of Plymouth. Many early settlers are buried in Old Baptist. Local lore suggests that prior to being a Village cemetery, it was used by the Ottawa Indians as a burial ground. Several researchers are still interested in this aspect of the location, including Mr. Mark A. McDonald who writes about The Mystery of the Black Stone of the Potawatomi in his blog.

Riverside Cemetery  is located on Plymouth Road, one half mile east of Lilly Road in back of the 35th District Court House. In 1877, the Village of Plymouth purchased land from Franklin and Ellen Shattuck and Riverside Cemetery was established on this site in 1880. Additional property was purchased in 1921 to bring Riverside to its current size.

In 1915 and 1916, bodies were removed from the Old Presbyterian Cemetery and re-interred at Riverside. The parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church (701 Church Street, Plymouth Michigan) now stands on the site of the Old Presbyterian Cemetery.


The Plymouth District Library is grateful to Garry D. Packard who generously provided the index data and historical background for the local area cemeteries.

Shearer Cemetery
Shearer Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery
Old Baptist Cemetery

Old Baptist Cemetery

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